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Meerkat Roofing: A Reliable Roofer in Red Deer

For the past 22 years, Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors have been offering its services in Calgary and its nearest areas. Owned by Larry Metz, the said roofing company got its name from the meerkat. Due to the reason that Metz aimed for a company that has an environment similar to the personality of meerkats. Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors made sure to follow its philosophy regarding working towards the quality of their work and meeting the expectations of their clients. Aside from helping its customers, Meerkat Roofing knows the importance of giving back. That is why we ensure to give back to our community. We support charities that are deserving of the resources they need, locally and internationally. Our customer service team are making sure that we will never put any pressure when it comes to making decisions. We will make sure to give detailed choices and options that will provide our client's opportunity to choose what they want.

Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors offers a wide variety of roofing materials and exterior products. We partnered with the best suppliers and made sure to keep up with your expectations. You can check our works and read the testimonials of our customers to support our claims. It doesn’t matter if you are from Calgary or Red Deer because, in Meerkat Roofing, we will ensure that the moment you keep in touch with us, you will surely get our service. The roof is one of the most critical parts of the house since it provides security and protection for the family. We make sure to give the same safety that your roof offers. Since we have two different locations, if you are living in Calgary you can call us at (403) 226-2700), (403) 248-9996) through fax, and in our emergency hotline, 403) 874-5550. Want to visit our offices? Bay 135, 2710 - 3 Ave NE Calgary, AB, Canada T2A 2L5 and Bay #2 7471 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer, AB, Canada T4P 3Z5 are our business locations.

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