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Find out about special assessment fees for Privilege Club Bahia Principe
Mulitiple Locations , NA

Privilege Club Bahia Principe Mulitiple Locations, NA Privilege Club Bahia Principe Mulitiple Locations, NA
The exclusive Privilege Club is an all-inclusive membership that provides owners access to some to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. As a member enjoy exclusive access to five star accommodations in locations such as, but not limited to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Canary Islands. Use your membership as you see fit to travel when and where you want, but also know that you have the ability to lend your weeks to family and friends, transfer them, rent them, or exchange them. This ownership provides the ultimate in luxury and flexibility. Owners will have access to the Privilege Concierge to assist with all on-site requests making sure that your vacation is the perfect getaway. Other benefits that owners will receive is the Privilege beach and Privilege lounge which have been designated by each individual resort as an exclusive members only area. Let the Privilege experience become a standard in every vacation you take. Note that through their affiliation to Resort Condominiums International (RCI) members will be able to explore over 6,000 resorts worldwide, thus providing complete flexibility.
Maintenance Fees .......................................... $196.00
Date Reported .......................................... 11/09/20
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